April 10, 1999
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ANGRY SALAD The Milkshake Song (3:48)
Blackbird/Atlantic 122 (CD promo)

The band Deep Blue Something made all of us remember the maddeningly catchy "Breakfast At Tiffany's" a few years back, and Angry Salad is primed for the same cross-format victory here. Its method? Covering all the bases. This track's instrumentation successfully incorporates elements of all the most sought-after genres, employing dancey drums, scratchy modern rock vocals, and a pure pop guitar melody. The lyric illustrates a mature man's nostalgia for teenage love, but it takes a tone so voice-crackingly credible that kids and parents alike will relate, and neither will resent it. And as if that weren't enough, Angry Salad snags the listener with a barbed chorus hook and pulls. This is one of those that won't let go, so you might as well take it on before the competition sniffs this out as the runaway hit it is. You'll have no regrets.

The Boston Globe
Calendar Magazine
June 3-9, 1999

"The Milkshake Song," the first single from Boston pop band Angry Salad's major label debut, bounces along like the first giddy days of summer--provided you're a freshman with nothing more pressing on your mind than finding a sweet romance with the shelf life of a semester. Its all about happy hooks and buoyant rhythms. And while a mildly muscular, radio-ready winsomeness is clearly the gold standard here, (think hit-makers Matchbox 20, Semisonic, Fastball, etc.), the band stretches out on rockers like "Scared Of Highways" and "How Does It Feel To Kill," which rehashes the Kent State student massacre, and explores a darker mood on "Rico." Lead singer Bob Whelan has sculpted his urgent rock guy vocals to perfection, and every one of these 10 tracks could easily surface on the mainstream airwaves. In fact, every song sounds like it's already been on the radio. Which says much about just how savvy and well-crafted, and just how familiar, this album is.

The Boston Herald
by Sarah Rodman
Tuesday, June 1, 1999

""The disc...solidly relates the band's sturdy, melodious pop songs. With catchy, radio-ready hooks and smart lyrics, Angry Salad appears to have a chance of breaking the Boston curse, which in the past few years has seen bands signed to majors flame out with increasing rapidity.

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Portland Press Herald
Sunday, July 4, 1999
Staff Writer
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"It's been one of our five most requested songs ever since we started playing it" three weeks ago, said Herb Ivy, vice president and program director at WCYY (94.3 FM), Portland's modern rock station. "It's a fun, poppy tune. It's just a great song."

Angry Salad is riding a wave that is bringing catchy pop tunes back to rock radio. With the dark, heavy songs of grunge now passe, bands such as Barenaked Ladies and Offspring are making upbeat sounds popular again. "The Milkshake Song" fits right in.

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May 24, 1999

Angry Salad has become well-known throughout the Northeast as a high-energy pop act with hooks that grab listeners and reel them in rapidly. Singer Bob Whalen leads the group's diverse sound, which captures Sponge's driving rock, Pavement's whimsical eclecticism and The Cure's pure, endearing melodic sense. The heavy pop of "Milkshake Song" will make even the most sedentary bottom wiggle, but brawny, beatbox drum loops and mature, clever vocals keep the song from getting lost in the teeny-bopper quagmire.

April 16, 1999
Angry Salad
"The Milkshake Song"

With a shuffling beat and the chorus, "She gave me a milkshake and a kiss/ I don't need a whole lot more than this," these guys remind you that sometimes it's the simple things in life that count the most.

Angry Salad
"The Milkshake Song"
(Blackbird/ Atlantic)

If hook-laden Pop/ Rock, (Third Eye Blind, Matchbox 20), works for your station, look no further than Angry Salad. "The Milkshake Song," from the band's forthcoming, self-titled album, is a sure-shot for spring/ summertime airplay; this is one of those songs that latches on to your brain and drives you nuts for about six hours. An easy contender for across-the-board success.

Virtually Alternative
Angry Salad
"The Milkshake Song"
(Blackbird/ Atlantic) you smell that? We think that's the smell of a crossover hit! "The Milkshake Song" is an instant first-listen add for stations on the pop/ alternative slant. It rocks in the vein of Dishwalla, Toad The Wet Sprocket and Collective Soul. Angry Salad has been touring 200+ nights per year in their custom-built vehicle.

"This is a band that pays keen attention to the art of the song as the tunes overflow with hooks, witty, intelligent lyrics, and plenty of melodies."

The Boston Phoenix:
"The band's second CD, Bizarre Gardening Accident (Breaking World), blends bittersweet melodies with straight-ahead rhythms. If it's not earth-shattering, it does stick to the ear a bit better than much of the overwrought pop confectionery at play on today's radio."

"This Boston-based group has certainly paid its dues. Having opened for such acts like Live, Counting Crows, and the Spin Doctors, the band has acquired the necessary skills to further season its already well-structured melodies. A straightforward rock structure is peppered with a fierece chant hook and vocals that recall the Cure's Robert Smith."

The MIT Tech:
"Angry Salad's debut album is fantastic. It will be one of those that requires chasing down and removing from your roomate's CD player whenever you want to listen to it."

The Boston Phoenix:
The Guinea Pig EP

"In just seven tracks this pop trio demonstrates more genuine songcraft than many more prolific bands."

The Noise:
"Angry Salad took the stage sincerely humbled in awe at their power to draw such a large group of enthusiastic people. They ran through a bunch of old songs, and a buch of new ones, but they were mixed together in such a way that they all seemed like old favorites. They had great songs, great hair, and great fun. Everyone lingered at the end of the set to bask in the glow of a band destined for greatness."

Instant Magazine:
"[Angry Salad] work their asses off. They tour constantly, distribute their new record Bizarre Gardening Accident on their own, do endless college radio promotion, and sell out some of the bigger rooms in Boston and beyond on a regular basis. Angry Salad have a work ethic unlike any I have seen in a local band in years. Not since the Mighty Mighty Bosstones hit the road non-stop early on in their career has a Boston act toured so much... Angry Salad is a live band - it's where they are at their best... They have built their Boston following because they can put on a show. They write songs for the masses. They are not indie-rock darlings. They do not give a damn what Option or The Phoenix or Alternative Press think. They do not write songs for them - they write songs for you. After an Angry Salad show, you will find the band milling around the merchandise area talking up and showing a natural appreciation for their fans... Salad is glad people want to see them. Salad is glad they have a marketable sound. Salad is glad they sell a lot of records. Salad could give a damn about critics like me..."

"[Bizarre Gardening Accident] is stocked with a number of fun songs that are reminiscent of Tom Petty's greatest road songs with one difference, this stuff has a little bit more edge."

Splater Effect:
"Seemlessly shifting moods and blending verse/chorus structures into one big swirl of sustaining guitars and convincingly emotional vocal deliveries... Angry Salad have a raw vitality that U2 misplaced years ago."

Mass Media:
"Angry Salad's songs are finding their way onto the menu of every college playlist - and for good reason. THEY HAVE THE HOOKS."

Honey Magazine:
"With "Did I Hurt You?" (contender for a Top Ten single of the year) The Guinea Pig EP is definitely worth a few thousand rotations on anyone's CD player."


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